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Name: Ms. Lee
Tel: +86-532-85840800
Mobile: +86-13255558720
Add: No. 3 Donghai Middle Road, Qingdao, China
Skype: goldencarton
WeChat: 13255558720
whatsapp: 13255558720
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If you ...
need more than one kind of food addtives and ingredients
Then our LCL or FCL service is for you!

If you ...
Are looking for OEM/ODM manufacturers in this industry.
Then our OEM/ODM service is for you! 

Sample Order
If you…
1. Want to purchase a sample order first.
2. Purchase a full order after validating the product quality.
Then our Sample Order service is for you!

Factory Tour
If you...
1. Would like more information about our company.
2. Would like to visit China and are interested in working with us.
Then our Factory Tour service is for you!

Quality Guarantee
Our food addtives and ingredients are all certified with HALAL, KOSHER, BRC, NON-GMO etc. Plant has passed HACCP and ISO 9001.

Other Service
Once we get your enquiry, we will answer your mail in 3 hours. We will show you clearly in the mail about the products, quotation, package, shipment and payment details. Once order is decided, it will be arranged in two weeks. We will update you information in the whole deal.